Great care has been taken to ensure that the description, prices and specifications of Black & White Boutique's products are correct at the time of publishing and that the reproduction of colour is as accurate as the photographic and production processes will allow. However 

Black & White Boutique cannot accept any responsibility for variations in colour caused by the browser software or computer system used by the customer. 

Black & White Boutique reserves the right to change without notice any of the details of the product on the site, including prices, colours & sizes.

All of the photographs used on our website are copyrighted and under no circumstances are images to be copied. Therefore any reproduction without permission would be an infringement of copyright.

If unfortunately parcels become lost during shipment then a replacement will be sent after (25 business days - Internationally) and (7 business days - UK). We will only send the replacement package to the same shipping address on your order. Under no circumstances will we ship to another address.

Shipping Address
Please make sure your shipping address is accurate before placing your order. If for some reason it is incorrect then please contact us within 12 hours from the time of purchase. If your order displays the wrong shipping address and the package is dispatched, then we take no responsibility for undelivered parcels.

If you order over £300 worth of goods then a handling fee with be charged, due to the time required to manufacture, check and package these items. The value charged will depends on the item type and time taken to process your order. For more information please email us at