Journey Collection

That great time of year has come around again! Longer evenings, more sunshine, more opportunities to put your shorts on and of course more great accessories from Black & White Boutique! The Summer season is the perfect time to brighten up your wardrobe, grab some cute jewellery and try something new!For those of you getting new summer jobs and with a few pennies to spare, we have some really bright and fun watches and bracelet stacks perfect for the season.
However, if collecting pennies is not a strong point of yours then don't fear! Black and White Boutique have launched a new range of wax cord bracelets which are just as cute AND come along with an equally cute price tag! From just £6! Check them out here, a great summer bargain!

In addition to all these exciting summer essentials, you may have noticed our website has moved! A lot more snazzy don't you think?! Let us know your thoughts on our new layout, we'd love to hear your opinion! So for now, enjoy the sun, enjoy the colder drinks and soak up some summer fashion! Until next time...
Black & White Boutique 

May 08, 2014 by Rowena Simmons